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Annie Duke – «Poker is a Long Run Proposition»

Annie Duke is a mother of four and considered the best female poker player in the world. In a candid interview she explains why poker is not a game of luck and why one should never try to flirt with her at a poker table.

“I’m going to get what I can get”

New York Rap artist Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, is the best selling musician of this decade. He openly talks about his endless obsession with money.

Man of the World

As a kid he used to play football in France. In the USA, Tony Parker has developed into one of the greatest basketball players of the modern age.

Capturing the Heat of the Moment

Photographer Gilles Peress has been in conflict areas around the world for the past 30 years to portray reality – no matter how horrific. He has been in the midst of the Iranian revolution and the genocide in Rwanda to raise public awareness of global issues. And while he is often in the hot zone, he believes adrenaline is addictive and dangerous.

A Player Named Hope

Thabo Sefolosha is the first Swiss basketball pro to play in the NBA world league. We met him at the Chicago Bull’s training centre.

Ideals on Wheels

While General Motors and Ford report record losses, Toyota is flourishing in the United States. Can it really be because the company values the opinions of its workers? A visit to Toyota Town in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Twilight Town

Anderson in Indiana is a reminder of the golden age of America's automobile industry. General Motors once employed 24,000 people here in 20 plants. Now it's the generous pensions of its former workers that are keeping the town going. A report from a bygone age.

Fame hasn’t really intruded on my life

His successes on the silver screen have brought him two Oscars. Butfor four years now, American actor Kevin Spacey's main line of business has been that of theatre director in London.

Making Dreams Come True

Highly educated and experienced professionals from developing countries often have themselves out as taxi drivers or dishwashers. An enormous loss for America, says Jane Leu. She places immigrants in jobs that match their skills.

“I’m the Guy Who Always Loses”

Sound mixer Kevin O’Connell, 50, hopes to win an Oscar on February 25. He’s nominated for Best Sound Mixing the Mel Gibson epic Apocalypto. It’s his nineteenth nomination for an Academy Award. He has never won. This has given him the title of biggest loser in Hollywood, despite having mixed the sound on more than 100 movies. His credits include films like Spider-Man 1 through 3, Top Gun, Terminator 3 or Black Rain.

As Life Situations Change, So Too Do Values

That happiness does not lie in money alone is something that Professor Ronald Inglehart can prove scientifically. For 30 years, the American political scientist has been studying global value systems. What has emerged is a clear trend toward self-expression.

Chuck Wepner – The Real Rocky

More than 30 years ago New Jersey fighter Chuck Wepner knocked down Muhammad Ali. A young actor named Sylvester Stallone saw the fight – and went on to make Rocky. Now the real Rocky speaks.

«Nanotechnology can save thousands of lives»

For five years now, Dr. Mostafa Analoui has been helping US drugmaker Pfizer Inc. to identify new methods for developing pharmaceuticals. He attaches a central role to nanotechnology. At the same time, he cautions investors and patients against overblown expectations.

A Giant in the Field of Small Things

In 1989 Don Eigler wrote nano-history. The IBM scientist used 35 xenon atoms to create a minute IBM logo. At the beginning of September this year, the physicist accepted an invitation from Credit Suisse to speak about the future of information technology in Boston. Eigler is in no doubt that nanotechnology will play a key role in the development of IT.

Frozen in Time

Alcor Thumb
Business is booming at a nondescript industrial building in Arizona as frozen bodies await the most breathtaking of all scientific advances - resurrection.


Hand Surgery: Nelson G. Botwinick on What Makes His Profession so Fascinating.

Eight Seconds of Pure Fear

Bull riding is the new booming sport from America. It has nothing to do with cowboy romanticism; these courageous daredevil riders are modern gladiators. The target audience is young, urban and educated. The eight-second duel is incredibly brutal and the rescue paramedics are a godsend.

Making Fuel, Not Tortilla Chips

Global thirst for fossil fuels is driving gasoline prices in the USA to record highs, triggering an unforeseen boom in the renewable energy sector. Corn farmers, politicians and investors all see ethanol as the tank fuel of the future.

When I Grow Up…

Banker is just one of the 200 jobs available at Wannado City, an unusual role-playing theme park in Florida where children learn about the world of work.

70 000 Years of Hard Labor

UBS banker Hanspeter Walder embezzled his US clients for 75 Million dollars. He invested the money to convert an old castle into a luxury hotel. These days, however, he is no longer lounging in posh hotels and restaurants; he is behind bars.

Mr iPod

He developed the invention of the century and launched a new lifestyle with the MP3-Music Player iPod from Apple. Tony Fadell, secret star of the computer industry, is not permitted to tell anyone. Now he does.

Real Dolls

Leah is a real doll - medium-sized rounded breasts, pretty face and lips with a permanent pout. She's 100 % silicon, the best selling model from California's Abyss Creations, whose detailed, $6500 plastic girls are definitely the top end of the sex toy market.

Building America’s Bomb

Saddam Hussein was their enemy. So when the bombs started falling on Iraq, the workers in America’s largest ammunition factory did extra shifts.

Time to Revive a Dying Craft

Sales of luxury timepieces are booming in the United States. The problem is there aren’t enough people to repair and service them. Rolex decided to remedy the situation by training watchmakers in the heart of small-town America.