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“Print Is Definitely Not Dead”

Californian artist Martine Syms, who was born in 1988, delves into the depictions of Black America through her videos, performance and photography. Here she tells us what the closure of a record store in Detroit has to do with the Ringier Group – and why she still has a print newspaper subscription.

Art at Work

The Medienpark building in Altstetten in Zurich is the new workplace for some 600 Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz employees. Contemporary art is meant to stimulate, distract and inspire them.

Here, there, everywhere

It’s changing mankind much as fire, the wheel, the printing press and the steam engine once did; we can no longer imagine life without a smartphone. The clever device makes almost anything possible – but it has us well in hand, more than we should like.

No Mercy

One fall day in New York, DOMO writer Peter Hossli posed next to three men previously unknown to him. They are mega super uber-stars. This is the bizarre encounter between the crusty Metallica rock musicians and a reporter who is clueless about metal rock.

Cheek by jowl with Leo

He has just won an Oscar. In January, Leonardo DiCaprio visited Davos. He talked to the rich and powerful about the state of the world, was patted on the shoulder by US Vice President Joe Biden and demanded that crude oil remain in the ground.

Show me the way to the White House

The United States of America are in the process of electing a new president – male or female. Those who seek this office spend their campaigns attacking the media, struggling for poll points, acting like outsiders – and laughing at themselves.

“I, Avi Rivkind, Would Have Saved Hitler’s Life”

Avi Rivkind is one of the best emergency medicine surgeons in the world. He believes in also treating those whose intent was to kill him. He is currently taking care of the many victims of the new wave of violence in Israel.

“It’s a Calling”

American photographer Lynsey Addario captures images of war, terror and hunger. She focuses on the world of women while trying to combine her passion for the job with a normal life.

Atrocities Run Riot on the Web

The terrorist organization «Islamic State» (IS) intends to establish a caliphate in the Middle East through inhuman violence – and state-of-the-art propaganda that is simple and clear, terrifying and up to date. IS uses Twitter and Facebook and aims to win Muslims around the globe over to its «holy war».

When Women Call the Shots

All around the world, women have power in the media. They shoot films, write texts, reveal scandals, run papers and manage budgets. To get there, they have had to struggle – and be better and more original than most men. This is a piece of media «herstory».

Digital Graveyard

When someone dies, they leave behind their worldly goods as well as the data in electronic clouds, social networks and e-mail accounts. Their heirs will be grateful if this digital legacy is dealt with while their loved one is still alive.

Helpers in the Background

They are nameless and they have the foreign correspondents’ backs. Many stories would never be written if not for local fixers, who are often paid a pittance for their bravery and their invaluable knowledge.

Fame and Glory

It is highly coveted and awarded each year in spring: America's Pulitzer Prize. The «Oscar» of journalism goes to the best in the business, but for some it is too great a burden to bear.

“I never Google my Name”

He reads newspapers in print, he prefers to watch soccer matches on Swiss TV; he doesn't want to google his own name; he has more than 100 requests for interviews pending at any given time. FIFA president Sepp Blatter on his relationship with the media and why he irritates the people sitting next to him in the stadium.

“Hello, this is Al Jazeera”

When the TV news channel Al Jazeera was launched in 1996, Arab potentates were shocked and the people in the streets were thrilled. Today, Al Jazeera is playing in the same league as the BBC and CNN. Its Doha headquarters employs journalists from more than 60 countries, and thanks to petrodollars they work under conditions that others can only dream about.

The Assassination

Who killed John F. Kennedy? Was it a lone gunman? Was he the victim of a conspiracy? Were the Russians behind this plot? The Cubans? Or was it his Vice President after all? No story has intrigued filmmakers, writers and journalists more over the last 50 years than the assassination of the 35th president of the United States in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Glued to the Tube

Why wait a whole week for the next episode of your favorite series? That was yesterday. Binge viewing is the new big thing. Netflix makes it possible, delighting TV-series addicts while changing the medium itself.

Information Soap Opera

When the whole world is talking about it, when one headline prevails and people are moved by pictures and human-interest stories: that is what’s called a Mediathon, the drama that no one can get enough of – neither the public nor the media.

“I do not take unnecessary risks”

Twenty-nine year old Swiss Pascal Mora is one of those young photographers who are drawn back to war zones again and again. He explains why he keeps doing this to himself and how he copes with the misery he encounters.

“Reporters Like a Good Story”

Reporter Carl Bernstein describes how he revealed the Watergate scandal together with Bob Woodward – and what today's investigative journalism has learned from this.

Choose the Right Outfit

US election campaigns have always been waged in the media. The candidate most adept at managing the latest technology wins elections.

Nonstop News

Today’s media world is global, digital, and mobile. News keeps coming faster and faster. People want to be informed anywhere and anytime. In response to this trend Swiss publisher Ringier has launched a fully integrated newsroom for the Blick Group.

“The Day I Stop Making Movies I’ll Die”

Hollywood director Roland Emmerich has made spectacular disaster movies like "Independence Day", "Godzilla" and "The Day After Tomorrow". In his latest film "2012" he takes on another doomsday scenario. The German-born filmmaker talks about motivation, fear, money and power.

“I am Innocent”

Nobody has become to symbolize the greedy boss more aptly than Dennis Kozlowski. Horrendously enormous compensation package led to a 25-year sentence behind bars. Now he talks.

“Steve Jobs is an Industrial Beethoven”

Great leaders are obsessed to build something exceptional, Jim Collins says. The American management guru talks about paranoia, turbulent times and his admiration for Beethoven and Steve Jobs.

“I’m a Magnet for Idiots”

Tonya Harding was once a great ice skater. Right before the 1994 Olympics, her ex-husband hired a thug to attack her competitor, Nancy Kerrigan. It became one of the most infamous incidents in sports history. Harding was banned for life. Now, at the age of 38, she tells her side of the story.

Home is Now a Tent

Since the current global financial crisis began, around five million families in the United States have lost their homes. With no money and little state support, thousands have been forced onto the streets, and have no choice but to live under canvas in one of the many makeshift campsites that have sprouted up across America.

“That Was My Decision”

Sprinter Tommie Smith talks about his silent protest against racial discrimination at the 1968 Olympic Games.

Sacrificing Claims to Privacy

According to leading American privacy researcher Alan F. Westin, the private sphere is a human right. However, a young and globally connected Internet generation attaches more value to freedom of communication than to the individual's right to privacy.

Classroom at Home

More and more Americans are homeschooling their children in the belief that they will become better prepared for life by learning at home rather than at public school. Here's a look at four families who have turned their homes into classrooms.

En Suite Parking Included

Annabelle Selldorf is one of New York's best-known architects. Her latest project: a car lift for a 19-floor apartment building.

Racing Icon

Mario Andretti is considered by many to be the greatest racecar driver in the history of the sport. He could make a bad car competitive and a competitive car victorious. He won the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500 and the Formula One World Championship, a feat thus far unmatched in the world of racing.

“I would rather God to be a Woman than a Man”

Leonard Nimoy became famous playing Spock, the first officer on the Starship Enterprise, in the science fiction television series “Star Trek”. Today, Nimoy works as a photographer. His latest book is called “The Full Body Project” and features his photographs of large naked women.

Joe Pistone – “Money is Everything”

Joe Pistone was the FBI agent who infiltrated the Mafia as Donnie Brasco during the 1970s. After all this years the mob is still after him. He opens up during a secret meeting in Las Vegas.

«One should be very Humble»

Ten year after his investigation almost ousted Bill Clinton from the White House Kenneth Starr talks about law and Christianity, his time in 1968 and why he doesn't want to write a memoir.

“I changed New York”

A young Swiss designer reshapes the famous yellow cabs. She transforms the look of New York City. Not without controversy.

«I’m a Thinker»

Tennis superstar Serena Williams talks about her life beyond tennis, what she discovered in Africa and why she admires the Google guys.

In God’s Hands?

Boy or Girl? Through in-vitro fertilization Jeffrey Steinberg, 52, has been helping infertile couples to conceive for about 20 years. Then he began to offer sex selection to couples. Today he’s the most sought after sex selection doctor in the world.