Where’s Swissmiss?

The New York Time’s credibility has hit rock bottom today. After the forgeries of Jayson Blair, the biased pre-Iraq-war reporting by Judith Miller, and a yearlong embargo on the NSA surveillance story, the paper of record has ignored swissmiss.

In a sprawling, multi-page story Times writer Penelope Green is asking design bloggers “who’ve seen it all” about their designee fall tips. What do we learn? This fall, we should get a rather ugly cloth rack for $5’800, a wooden Skype phone, or a China squirrel that holds rings.

Swissmiss, the person who made design blogging a daily global feast, is absent. It’s like asking all leading soda manufactures about drinking trends, but not include Coca-Cola’s CEO. Everyday, swissmiss gives us a fresh, often quirky, and always surprising view into all things design.

While only Alan the Gallent somehow surprised me with his recommendation for handmade wallpaper, I wonder what swissmiss has in store for fall season.