Ari’s Delusion

After his win in Michigan Mitt Romney said he wants to bring back «the America of Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush». Actually, he mentioned the elder Bush several times. In a post-speech interview CNN’s Larry King asked Ari Fleischer why Romney mentioned Bush senior repeatedly, but not the current president, George W. Bush. «Well, I couldn’t help but wonder if that was just a mistake», said Fleischer who was George W. Bush first press secretary. «When you have an incumbent president who is popular in the Republican base of the party, you mention this predecessor. I think that was probably a mistake. He meant George W.»

Well, Fleischer is delusional. Romney did not misspeak. He purposely talked about dad and ignore junior. Republican candidates are running away from George W. Bush as far as they can.

Fleischer’s statement only underlines the big self-deception that has been surrounding the current Bush administration. They’ve been out of touch all along.