Clinton Tactics

Bill and Hillary Clinton are known for doing everything to get elected. They seldom shy away from fear mongering. Right now they’re running the risk of costing the Democrats the White House in November.

By bringing up Martin Luther King jr. and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 Hillary Clinton brought race to the forefront of the campaign. For days the trails and the airwaves were dominated by racially charged issues. Something that Clinton rival Barack Obama for the most part deliberately avoided.

Obama knows that many Americans are not sure whether they’d ever support an African American candidate. Even though they would not admit it to a pollster or in public, many simply don’t vote for a black man. That’s why Obama hardly talks about race.

By bringing up the Civil Rights movement the Clintons are reminding everyone of Obama’s ethnicity. At the same time they parade around with famous African Americans and stress how much they’ve done for Black America and how loved they are by the black community. They, being two white folks.

If this nasty tactic clinches the nomination for Hillary it will go down in history as one big dirty trick. If it doesn’t work, Obama will emerge a weaker candidate for the general election.