A Solution for the Middle East

west_bankSpent some time in the West Bank, and in Jerusalem. Spoke to many Jews, Muslims, and Christian Arabs. All they want is peace, get married, have children, forget about this mess.

Back in Tel Aviv, I open a newspaper, and all I read is about Muslim terrorism, and boycotts of Jewish products, oil deals with ISIS, and Israel preparing a war against Iran – that might break out in 15 years.

The reality on the street feels awkwardly different from the editorialized reality printed on the page, and what is shown on television.

Maybe the people on the street need to figure it all out by themselves. Thus, my two bits for a solution in the Middle East – politicians, media folks, the good people from the United Nations and all the NGOs: try to stay away for a while. Some of your actions fuel an industry of hate. And as history has unfortunately proven, they have not made much of a difference.