Why Romney Quits

Mitt Romney is dropping from the race for the Republican nomination. “I feel I now have to stand aside for our party and our country”, he said today.

What does it mean? Romney is getting ready for a run in 2012. He knows that the prospects for Republicans are rather dim this fall. The party is deeply divided, the current republican president is highly unpopular, and the base is not motivated to support any of the candidates.

In four years everything might look different. Hillary Clinton might have infuriated conservatives. They’ll do everything to kick her out of the White House. Republicans still seek revenge for 1992 when Bill Clinton ousted George H. W. Bush.

Since John McCain’s age will most likely prevent him from running again in 2012, a graceful exit is putting Romney into a pole position for the next election cycle. The former governor of Massachusetts might even convince some evangelicals that Moroni is no real threat for Jesus.