Kennedy Contest

The Kennedy’s are endorsing presidential candidates left and right. Last night Caroline Kennedy expressed her support for Senator Barack Obama in the New York Times by calling him a “President Like My Father“. That father would be John F. Kennedy, America’s 35th president and namesake for New York’s airport.

Today, Caroline’s uncle Edward Kennedy followed foot and also endorsed Obama. The liberal stalwart supports the man who doesn’t miss an opportunity to lash out against political dynasties.

Shortly after a press release from the Clinton campaigns arrived in my inbox, titled “Statement from Kathleen Kennedy Townsend”. Kathleen, her sister Kerry, and her brother Bobby Kennedy are in favor of Senator Hillary Clinton. All three are children of Bobby Kennedy, JFK’s Justice Minister.

This gives Clinton a slight edge in this weekend’s Kennedy grabbing contest.

But I wonder why anybody even cares about a rich clan that is composed of drunks, divorcees, drug addicts, megalomaniacs, hedonists, and mentally handicapped. And remember, the last time a candidate got a Kennedy endorsement, John Kerry lost against George W. Bush, a member a of similarly agonizing dynasty.