Weekly Fix

There is way too much dumb talk on American politics out there. My weekly fix is a podcast of Left, Right and Center, a radio show produced by KCRW in Santa Monica. Pundits Robert Scheer (left), Tony Blankley (right), Matt Miller (center), and Arianna Huffington slug it out witty, smartly and highly entertaining. Kudos to Blankley’s brutally honest insights. The former Reagan speechwriter never shies away from dishing it out to his fellow Republicans.

This week, they discuss the possibility of a Michael Bloomberg presidential run – I doubt it –, the post New Hampshire universe, and George W. Bush’s attempt to save his legacy via Jerusalem.

Highlights: Huffington reveals how Hillary Clinton’s team painted Barack Obama as anti-choice in New Hampshire; Blankley and Scheer put Clinton’s statement about Martin Luther King jr./Lyndon B. Johnson and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 into historical perspective; and Miller points out that Bill and Hillary always understand what contemporary America wants to hear. Yeah, it’s the economy again, stupid.

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